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Walnut Coconut Chocolates

Walnut Coconut Chocolates

I love these simple chocolates. I have to have a dessert every night. I need to make my own since I have diabetes and this way I have control over how much sugar goes it. I use yacon syrup or liquid stevia. Store in the fridge until they harden and then transfer to a tin. This works well for my diabetes and does not elevate my sugars. I limit myself to 2  a day! Directions […]

Okra with Onions and Coconut

Okra with Onions & Coconut

When I find okra in the market, I always buy it. It is a favourite of mine especially when it is a little crunchy! I’ve been trying to cook it so it’s not slimy! I was really pleased with how this recipe turned out. You could also roast the okra in the oven and garnish with the fried onion – coconut sauce in this recipe. Almost any Indian market will carry fresh Curry (kari) leaves. Get […]

Complete guide to fasting

Cure for Diabetes. Live Food Cures me!

July 30, 2017:  Please read the t UPDATES &  fasting protocol. The raw food diet helped me but I did not fast while doing it which I am sure would have been beneficial and would helped. Dr. Cousens does put his patients on a fasting protocol. July 30, 2017 UPDATE: In August 2016 after a period of great stress, the vegan food diet stopped working for me. My sugars were up again.  I ended up on insulin […]

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