Soup & Stew Masala

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This is my¬†great Aunt Mary’s Pepper recipe. We simply called it “Aunty Mary’s Pepper”
Aunt Mary had a pepper vine in her garden in Mangalore, South India and from that stock of pepper developed this wonderful masala that has been in her family over 100 years!
In those days the spices were roasted on a wood burning stove and ground by hand.

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Origin: Also known as Aunty Mary’s Pepper. Certified organic spices from small farms around the world.

Ingredients: All dry roasted ingredients, organic pepper, organic cumin, organic turmeric

Preparation: Add to all food to enhance the flavour! Great with eggs, stews, fish, vegetables or as a marinade. Use along with Trudy Ann’s other spice products to add to the flavour.

Variation: Add 1 teaspoon Soup & Stew Masala to 1/2 C plain yogurt. Use as dips, marinades, soups, stews, salad dressings or add to food to enhance flavour. Add salt to taste.

For recipes see Trudy Ann’s recipe blog.

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