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Cucumber Shake

Cucumber Avacado Shake

  My favourite summer time drink! I am regularly at the Vancouver farmers markets, usually selling my Chai and Spices. At every market, I will trade tea for various produce. Cucumbers being one of them during season. I really love this shake below and it is easy to make and carry especially when I am busy and have no time to stop to eat at the markets. This works really well with my diabetes prevention […]

Complete guide to fasting

Cure for Diabetes. Live Food Cures me!

July 30, 2017: ┬áPlease scroll down and read the two UPDATES & starting fasting protocol. The raw food diet helped me but I did not fast while doing it which I am sure would have been beneficial. Dr. Cousens does put his patients on a fasting protocol. I plan to try fasting with raw food at some point. May 2014: Though this was set up as a recipe blog, I thought I would take a […]

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