Apple Festival. Tacoma Holiday Show. 
Hello Chai lovers,

As you know I like telling stories in these newsletters. I love asking people questions and listening to the stories they tell me. Especially the older - wiser elders. Sometimes stories come about when I least expect them. 
We all have stories… dig deep. I try not to worry about how they sound or come out … as long as they are told.

This past mothers day, I took my mum & son to St. James Hall to listen to live music. After the show, I called a taxi for the ride home. I asked driver (of Indian origin) why he was so happy, he says, because I’ve met my mother. 

It took me a while to realize that he was talking about my mother! 

Random conversations in the taxi.

He said to his ailing Grandmother, “I’m not sure if I can see you next time because you’re sick.” She said, “Don’t worry, but remember one thing, when people fight with you, just walk away." He said that advise was worth a million dollars.

He then said,  I told my son anytime I think of you, I will call you, even it’s 2 am, you must pick up the phone. 

Then he calls his son from taxi and says,  "I’m with my Mataji (mother) and her daughter. Please sing them a song for Mother’s Day. So his son sings a beautiful song in Hindi to us in the taxi… on speaker phone!"

By the time we reached my home, our driver, Harbhajan,  invites us all to his blueberry farm in Cloverdale and tells mum he will make her favourite dish!

I was stunned, it was about 1 am and I expect such encounters in the Bombay taxi as the norm but not here in Vancouver! Extraordinary encounter for me. These interactions are what I value more than anything. All because I asked him why he was happy. 

I am off to bed as I wake up at 4:30 am for the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival! There will be lots of .... Apple Pie Chai :D

With Love to all of you,

Trudy Ann



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Apple Festival UBC farm

Find me this weekend Oct 13-14 at UBC Apple Festival.

Last Farmers Markets

Sat Oct 13 Riley Park

Sun Oct 14 Kitsilano Farmers Market

Sun Oct 21  Kitsilano Farmers Market


Tacoma Holiday Food and gift festival

Oct 18-21 at the Tacoma Dome.

Vancouver Tea Festival

Circle Craft

Kris Kringle

Make It Edmonton

More events on my website than I can list here.

Tacoma holiday food

Tacoma Holiday Food and gift festival

Oct 18-21 at the Tacoma Dome.

To my friends in Seattle & Tacoma, I hope I see some of you there. I will have the Saffron and Apple Pie that sold out at the North West Tea festival so come early to get some. Limited supply of each.




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