toronto tea festival

To my Toronto tea friends! I am so excited to be back for the second year at the Toronto Tea Festival. It is such a treat for me to taste unique teas from all over the world.
The favorites from shoppers at most tea festivals from my collection are the Saffron Cardamom, Bombay Masala Chai and the Turmeric Ginger Tonic. I would suggest coming early to get any of your favourite teas. I will have a very limited edition of my Sleepy Time Peach so please come early for that blend.

For those who like my oven-roasted spice blends, I will have those with me as well.
Get a nice bag with wheels so you can freely shop from all of us.

Hope to see you there.
Trudy Ann


toronto tea festival

Toronto Tea Festival 
1& 2 Feb 

I'll be at the Toronto Tea Festival again from Feb 1-2, Table no 23. Come early to get your favorite teas and spices. See you there!!


vancouver tea festival

Vancouver Tea Festival 
7 & 8 March

Please note that the Vancouver Tea Festival is at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby, BC this year on March 7-8th, Table no 7. I hope to see many local friends this Spring. Make sure to try teas from all over the world. Hugs in person when we meet.


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