I meet people in the darnedest ways. Sometimes I just ask them to tell me their story. That’s my opening line, “Tell me about you, what’s your story?”
I have a very dear friend, Steve Malcolm. He is from Jamaica! He has a blog called, It Takes Balls to knit. His blog is a great one for all you knitters or want to be knitters. Yes, Steve is an amazing knitter.
I crochet as it helps me shut down from the internet and ‘noise’ and I can make pretty presents for people (other than tea!).
Steve and I met while we were both helping someone move yarn supplies in east Vancouver (while my sons were playing jazz music for us... go figure!) and connected immediately. Next thing I knew he was in my home and we were making Jamaican curry and jerk chicken. He is also called “Mr. Hugzzz” for obvious reasons.
I was so fortunate that he did a segment on Chai and knitting. Please watch this and my segment is at the 40:00 minute market. It’s at home and with the Chai lady herself! I LOVE having friends over. You get to be with me in my humble home.
He also sells patterns  and large needles BigStix designed by him. Here is a photo of a few of my simple projects (not for sale!). Find him on Instagram. 
Big hugs to all,
Trudy Ann

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Vancouver Tea Festival
March 7 - 8
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

15th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC
March 21 - 22
10:00 pm - 5:00 pm

One Of A Kind
March 25 - 29
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knitted items
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Vancouver Tea Festival

Vancouver Tea Festival

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Bombay Masala Chai is a nice infusion of a whole lot of Indian spices and black tea, that leaves a spicy after-taste. There's nothing more soul-warming than starting your day with a warm cup of this Indian chai. Click here to learn to make my Bombay Masala Chai. 

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