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Painting above: Cindy Trevitt   Image link

Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you as well as can be expected.

I wanted to share this beautiful painting that one of my earliest customers, Cindy Trevitt did for me recently. She is so talented! She knew me in my early days of selling chai in little 'packets' at the Farmers markets. When I had brain surgery all those years ago, Cindy came to my place .... with her cheerful presence and presents too! You just never forget somethings.

I was so moved by her gesture to help a small business like myself. 

The interesting part about the original photograph is that I was in Narita, Japan a couple years ago on a layover back to Vancouver. Since I had a 10 hour layover, I went sight-seeing. In Narita, local volunteers take people like me via public transit for a tour of their city to practise their English. All I paid for was my transit and entrance fees. 
My guide took me to a temple where they had a ‘warming’ room for visitors. You got offered green tea and sat by central heaters in the middle of the room. I was so cold and so happy with this gesture that warmed me inside. 

"Start Somewhere, but Start" 
Hugs always,

Trudy Ann 

Here is the quote from Cindy’s Instagram page. 

“Meet Trudy Ann (or a reasonable facsimile 😁). She makes the best, most authentic, organic Masala Chai ( or @trudyannschai ). She is an incredible, multilayered, lion-hearted woman who has travelled an epic journey. She is one of the many small merchants having to suffer through these challenging times. I have been invited into her kitchen with open arms and my heart goes out to her and each and every one of those small businesses struggling right now. 

It is my hope, that somehow, if each of us helps a little bit, these little merchants ... our friends and neighbours ... may weather the storm. .”

Upcoming Events:
Please click on my calendar for dates, maps and exact event timings. I may get called to do some cancellation markets, so check back on my website.

Farmers markets Listed as Essential Services and remains open.

Saturday April 19: 
Riley Park Farmers Market
10 am - 4 pm

Summer dates coming soon.


Trudy Ann's soothing tummy teaORDERS:
I am still taking orders. If you need anything, please let me know. Things have slowed down considerably and I don't have summer markets until May. Any orders are welcome.

If you have financial hardship or working on the front line, I can offer you case sizes. Please email for details. 

I am at Hastings Park Farmers Market Sunday April 19, 10 am - 2 pm (Curbside pick up possible).
You also have the option to pick up at my Kitchen By Appointment Only  Between 11 am and 3 pm.

Creme De La Crumb,                                                                                  
1215 Clark Drive, Vancouver V5L 3K7
Call when you reach: (I will email the number)

I can ship to you, orders above $60 gives you free shipping.

For those that live outside of Vancouver or in the US
AMAZON: I just sent them more teas so you can also order direct there.
(Turmeric Ginger Tonic, Soothing Tummy Tea, Bombay Masala Chai)
Amazon is not currently taking any new products. 

Here is what I still have in stock that have been low in stock:
Bombay Masala 200 cup size ($95, 2 bags left)
Maple Cranberry 30 grams size ($8.00)


Trudy Ann
What I have right now is TIME! I tried to figure out how best to support people with my skills. I thought about wellness coaching- Helping people on their journey. Besides, this is what I do best.

Being healthy right now is crucial and I am taking extra care of what I eat/ drink. I hope you are too.
(Discounts available for those with financial hardship. I don't want funds to be an issue now for good health. I have TONS of free resources on my site as well)

Right now if you take my cooking classes, I am offering, 1 free 40 minute  1 to 1 coaching via zoom (or the phone)

After that if you need additional coaching, I have a 'package' that also includes weekly group coaching via zoom.

$155 for 6 weeks Coaching 
1 x 40 min one to one consultation
1 x weekly  group chats (6 weeks)  via zoom 40 mins
where you can discuss any food related issues, struggles, successes.

Weekly group follow up 
1 x weekly  group chats (4 weeks)  via zoom 40 mins

I feel that right now, being with a group, even virtually can be really helpful in staying on track to keep motivated. 


I have a few videos up on Instagram and you do not need an account to view them.
Here is the link to view these. 
Healthy Tips from Trudy Ann: Neti Pot for Allergies ,  WHY I FAST


Cucumber Celery Juice Recipe

I practice regular fasting to lower my blood sugars. I have had major health issues, and to avoid injecting insulin I drink a lot of bone broth and green juices on a regular basis. This helps me get through a longer fast as I get pretty nauseous during a long fast and then have to break the fast early. My goal is to have as normal sugars as possible without needing to take insulin.

Chicken or Bone broth and juicing help me on my journey.

Dafne Romero

The sea Kelp I use, comes from my good friend Dafne Romero of North Pacific Kelp Wild Foods. We met at the Vancouver Farmers market as ‘neighbours’. Many of my friendships start here. Dafne lives up in Haida Gwaii, and someday very soon I will be helping her on her boat and experiencing the beauty of the land she takes care of. She is an amazing human being.

Check out my Cucumber Celery Green juice recipe!

Pic: Dafne Romero 
(Find us both at the Hasting Park farmers market Sunday April 19, between the 2 of us we agree we are 250 years old!)

YouTube Video

Trudy Ann's Keto Masala Kitchen

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