Overcoming a Lifetime of Health Challenges with Fasting


I was featured on The Fasting Method. Read more about the article here. Please go to the page to learn more about the Fasting Method.

Post brain surgery, I had no excuse for not dealing with my diabetes. It was time to research cures. I wanted a magic pill but quickly learnt, that does not exist. I was sure that I would end up crippled, with dementia and other diseases.

In July 2017, while on vacation, eating good foods, mostly staying away from carbs & sugars, taking my insulin and still having elevated readings, I was desperate. In searching for the cure, I put the food I was eating as I knew my diet was great. I googled “High fat diet, animal protein, diabetes cures”.

Voila! I discovered Diet Doctor, Megan Ramos & Dr. Jason Fung’s IDM protocol for diabetics.

So if I was eating all the right things, what was I not doing? I needed ketogenic and very low carb diet, in my case as I have a smaller pancreas and FASTING!

I had my first consultation with Angel Ramos and later with my beautiful friend Megan Ramos who still is monitoring my fasting.

I currently do tea and bone broth fasts 3 days a week for 36 to 42 hours and 24 H the other 4 days. I love it.

My fasting sugars now are between 4.0 and 5.8 and my last few AICs were between 5.8 (Down from 10.3 at its highest)!

I need insulin only if I eat late, about 4 times a month.

Here are the results: blood sugars normal, joint pain gone (I can crochet again!), the eczema that the Dr told me I needed steroids for gone, no insomnia or anxiety. My brain has a clarity it never had. I do work events where I am on my feet 14 hours and I am still standing strong.

The most amazing change has been my body strength. I could barely lift anything over 10 pounds. I can now set up huge event tents, lift weights that are over 25 lbs. That astounds me. Fat for fuel people!

I have an all organic Chai and Spice company in Vancouver, Canada (www.trudyannschai.com), and have blended healing teas for a decade now. I was always allergic to medicine so I practised healing traditions I learnt back home in India from the elders. This company was my hobby but after keto, I can really work at it.

I meet a lot of people, as I travel all over Canada and the USA to Tea Festivals. People I meet  are obese and very sick. I blend teas based on what worked for my many health issues, be it pain, anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation, nausea, digestive issues and hormonal support. It’s so gratifying to know that the herbs I use can help people get off pain medication. I survive drinking my teas while I fast.

In places such as Kashmir they put fat and salt in their teas daily! I do the same when I fast and sometimes it feels like I am drinking broth.

My mum, Prafulla, a retired dentist in India too started eating a ketogenic diet and normalized  her blood sugars and increased her energy levels.  She lives with me and I feed her well :D

I went back to India recently and filmed online Keto cooking classes (Trudy Ann’s Keto Masala kitchen). All I want to really do now is spread this way of life and help people heal.

I am a pretty determined human being. My gratitude is enormous that I survived. Many Blessings to the healers: Megan Ramos, Angel Ramos, Dr. Jason Fung, Diet Doctor, Sally Fallon Morell of Weston A. Price foundation, researchers and my family.

My hope is that I can inspire you. Together lets try to heal our planet.

“Itadakimasu” Japanese phrase: “ For this food I give thanks.”


Trudy Ann


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