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Panch Phoran

Panch Phoran

I went to see good musician friends, the Bhattacharya family in Kolkota, India. (Listen to their music on my home page video). They served me lentils and fish with spices I had not tried before. Panch Phoran or ‘Five Spices’ was the secret. I was only able to get this all organic mix when I decided to make it myself! Try it with vegetables, lentils or fish. Now when people comment on how delicious my […]

Garam Masala

4 Spice Collection – Vegetarian selection

I use these four spices almost daily in my cooking. With soups, juicing, smoothies, stews, curries, home made crackers, breads and more. It is a must have in your kitchen and these high quality fresh spices will change the way your foods tastes. There are simple recipes that are easy to prepare on the back of each packet. Garam Masala Dhana- Jeera (Coriander – Cumin) Chana Masala Panch Phoran (5 Spices)


Dhokla – Steamed Mung Bean cakes

As many of you know, I have Type 2 diabetes (my story). It is pretty much in the normal range now with my low carb keto diet and intermittent fasting. I am part of a support group through the IDM program run by Toronto based kidney specialist, Dr. Jason Fung. I am so grateful to have have my health restored. Here is the link to buy the Complete Guide to Fasting, Dr. Jason Fung. The general […]


Stuffed Eggplant (Veg & Non Veg Recipes)

When I left India, I could not cook. I collected recipes from everyone around me on the eve of my departure to North America. Once here, I experimented by making the most labour intensive dishes when I was in Graduate school, especially on weekends when we had big parties in our International student home. I found cooking relaxing and the aromas reminded me of our kitchen at home. This in one such dish I enjoyed making. […]


Biryani – Indian Layered Rice

I was recently invited to our friend Steve’s Birthday Party & decided this occasion was a perfect time to figure out how to make Biryani from scratch using some of the organic dry roasted spices I have created rather than generic store-bought spices. I cannot eat very spicy food so this recipe is for a milder Biryani. Add more curry powder or chili powder for a spicier dish. My Aunt Diana, an ACE cook (President […]


Daal- Lentil Soup

I make Daal many times a week as it is quick and yummy. This is a great meal when my sons bring home unexpected friends.  I like to invite them to eat with us especially if they have come at dinner time, in keeping with traditions from home. This with rice and a simple salad makes all happy. In most Indian homes, you will always have a bowl of Daal in addition to other dishes with […]

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