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Bombay Masala Chai 200 Cups

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Please be patient while I restock in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I make a very limited quantity. If you need more chai, please consider the
Bombay Masala Chai – 40 Cup

With the 200 cup bags, you get a good supply of the  #1 seller Bombay Masala Chai. 200 cups of tea! Bombay Masala Chai for that ‘pick me up’ tea. Tea & Spices included and packaged separately. You may want to purchase an extra bag of the chai Spices.


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Bombay Masala Chai is a traditional Masala tea from India and has a rich and fiery flavour. Made with pure organic Assam Black tea and unique blends of authentic Indian spices like cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cardamom, & cloves, this spiced Indian Chai tea makes a perfect drink to refresh and revitalize you at any time of the day. Trudy Ann’s Indian Masala Chai leaves a classic, spicy and bold after-taste with ginger that you can taste at the back of your throat. Bombay Masala Chai has an exquisite aroma when brewed. For a better rich taste, add full-fat milk or cream to this Masala Chai. Made with all organic ingredients, Trudy Ann’s Bombay Masala Chai has a lot of health benefits. Click here to learn to make the perfect cup of Bombay Masala Chai.

If you enjoy my Bombay Masala Chai, you could also give my Digestive Fennel Chai a try!

Health Benefits of Bombay Masala Chai:

  • increases nutrient absorption
  • antioxidant
  • digestive support
  • high in polyphenols
  • lowers stress hormones
  • cardiovascular support
  • metabolic health support
  • increased attention
  • increased work performance and creativity
  • mental clarity and alertness
  • respiratory support

Please consult a doctor if you have allergies to certain ingredients.

Origin: Certified organic Assam Tea & certified fair trade organic spices from small farms around the world.  Contains caffeine

Bombay Masala Ingredients: Organic Assam tea, organic true cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic ginger, organic pepper (contains Caffeine)

Preparation: Add 1 teaspoon of tea + 1/4 teaspoon of chai spices to 1 cup hot water, steep for 3-5 mins, strain, add cream &  sugar to taste.

Stove Top Preparation: Put 1 C. water and 1 -2 tablespoons cream in a pot. (optional: add 2 thin slices of ginger). Bring to boil. Add 1 tsp tea (2 g) and 1/4 tsp Chai spices (.5 g) and simmer for 2 – 3 mins. Strain and Enjoy! Add Sweetener to taste. Makes 1 cup.

Iced Tea: Add 4 tsp tea & 1 tsp chai spice to 2 cups boiling water. Gently boil or steep for up to 5 mins. Strain. Add sweetener & cream. Cool and blend with 2 cups ice. Optional: Pour over vanilla ice cream. Makes 4 cups.

You can also avail the value pack of this tea at a special price of $33.99 (Pack of 3).

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