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Peach Cobbler Chai

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This tea is simple to make, does not contain caffeine, and has natural sweetness from the peaches. The peaches are sourced locally in BC from Klippers Organics. It’s the perfect relaxing bed time tea. Filled with natural flavour from the ingredients itself. It’s a popular tea with young ones and veteran tea drinkers.


Peach Cobbler Chai is a luscious blend of Rooibos tea with notes of peach, cinnamon, and the flavours come from real ingredients, not from artificial flavours. You can taste the peaches in this caffeine-free tea. The peaches are sourced direct from Klippers Organics, up in Cawston, British Columbia. If you’re someone who enjoys a delightfully fruity and spicy tea blend, this tea is the perfect pick. Steep yourself in some organic tea having the sweetness of summer peaches balanced with the flavour of cinnamon after a long day. This tea also makes for a refreshing cup of iced tea on hot summer afternoons. To satisfy your sweet tooth further, you could add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or some yacon root syrup. It’s time to indulge in some delectable organic Peach Cobbler Chai that will surely soothe your senses!

An interesting fact about Rooibos Tea:

The narrow belt along the West Coast of South Africa is the only place in the world where Rooibos tea grows. It is also one of the world’s six Plant Kingdoms. The Mediterranean climate along with ideal temperatures and adequate rainfall and sunshine makes it favourable for Rooibos to be cultivated. Besides this, the sandy slopes and pleasant valleys of the Cedarberg Mountain Range also provide the perfect habitat for Rooibos cultivation.

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Health benefits of Peach Cobbler Chai:

  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-viral
  • anti-microbial
  • calming effects on body and mind
  • immune suport
  • helps nutrient absorption
  • digestive support
  • blood sugar balance
  • helps reduce weight gain
  • reduces physical impact of stress
  • raises good cholesterol

Please consult a doctor if you have allergies to certain ingredients.

Origin: Organic Red Rooibos comes from the western province of South Africa; dried organic peaches from Klippers Organics, Cawston, BC; certified organic spices from small farms around the world. Does not contain caffeine.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos tea, organic ginger, organic peaches, organic spearmint, organic lemongrass, organic cinnamon, organic pepper

Preparation: Add 1 teaspoon tea to 1 C. hot water. Steep for 5 -10 mins, strain and enjoy.

Stove Top Preparation: Put 1 C. water in pot. Bring to a boil. Add 1teaspoons tea. Gently simmer for 5 -15 mins. Strain & serve.

Sizes: 18 cups (45 grams)

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2 reviews for Peach Cobbler Chai

  1. Ivy

    This particular tea is one of my all-time favourites.
    I drink a lot of tea, and I prefer to drink tea with milk, but this one I adore black as much as I like it with milk, or boiled with cream! I can’t describe why I like it so much, but it’s grown on me and now it’s a staple. I received this as a gift, but feel like I have to buy from Trudy Ann’s because how else will I sooth my addiction for this tea?

  2. Chiho

    Trudy Anne’s Peach Cobbler Tea is my all time favorite. I love that it has a hint of fruitiness from the peaches and it’s not overpowering. It is definitely a relaxing moment when I drink my tea and decompress. Definitely will be ordering more.

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