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NY family crew
Pic: The NY family 'crew', my younger brother Glen and his rock star charming children! If you met them & they welcomed you at the Brooklyn Tea Festival, you will know what I mean.

Hello All,
Thank you to all the new people who joined this list. Back from many tea events all over. First, at the Brooklyn Tea festival where I had a blast with all my family around me. My siblings, nephews, nieces and good friends live there. So the troops surrounded me while I worked and New Yorkers were so welcoming!

I got to do my favourite activity... which was hearing my friends play live music at jazz clubs in the city.

Next, to the Edmonton Make It show where again a wonderful customer came out and helped me all 3 days at the show, even getting me organic groceries so I could eat healthy! Thank you Faith :D

On a side note: I rarely get sick & when I do, medicine is my last resort.  I was so sick the night before the Make it show that I did not know how I would move. I always travel with my 2 healing teas, the Turmeric Ginger and the Soothing Tummy tea. I took a 1/2 tsp of the fennel spice in warm water and drank that along with my Turmeric ginger and I was as good as new within the hour! Seriously.

And now,  back from the One of A Kind Show in Toronto which was a bit stressful only because the box with my display never showed up... but magically the local hardware store and vendors came out and lent me lights, tables and what not and my booth looked just fine in the end. Thank you to all the new & returning Chai fans.

I am truly blessed as so many of you email me before I come to your city asking me if I need help! Thank you all for your love & many blessings your way. I am thrilled to be back in Vancouver and gearing up for summer farmers markets and the Spring Make It Vancouver show THIS  WEEK!

With love and gratitude,
Trudy Ann aka Chai Walli (Tea Lady)

With my godson, Luke below. He won many a heart at the Brooklyn tea festival. This is my nephew who asked me to make him 'Watermelon tea'.. but instead got the delicious 'Apple Pie Chai'

I post regularly on Facebook and Instagram. Do follow me if you like. (Instagram) @trudyannschai (Facebook)
Trudy ann


Please click on my calendar for dates, maps and event timings.

Make It Vancouver
Apr 20-22
FRIDAY 11 am – 9 pm
SATURDAY 10 am – 6 pm
SUNDAY 11 am – 5 pm Map

Hastings Park Farmers Market
Apr 29
SUNDAYS 10 am - 2 pm Map

Vancouver Farmers Markets 

Nat Bailey Farmers Market
Mar 3, Mar 10, Mar 17, Apr 14
SATURDAYS 10 am - 2 pm Map

The Eastside Flea 
Apr 7-8
SATURDAYS 11 am - 5 pm Map

Make It Edmonton
Mar 23-25
SATURDAYS 10 am - 9 pm Map

Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC
Mar 10-11
SATURDAY, SUNDAY 10 am - 6 pm Map

One of A Kind Show
Mar 28-Apr 1
10 am - 9 pm Map

Stay tuned for Summer events.

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Come join me at the Make It Vancouver Show, April 20 to 22
It will be held at the PNE Forum
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These 200 cup bags are now the #1 seller Bombay Masala Chai. A total of 200 cups of tea! Bombay Masala Chai for that ‘pick me up’ tea. Tea & Spices included and packaged separately. You also have an option to make your chai spicier with the chai spices available separately!

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What are my fans saying?

See what my fans have to say about my organic, hand-blended products — masala chai, caffeine-free teas and dry roasted cooking spices.

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What does 'Chai Ellie' say

What does 'Chai Ellie' say about Kashmiri Golden Saffron Tea?

This gentle Kashmiri Golden Saffron Cardamom Chai is packed with benefits of stress reduction, alertness, and anti-oxidative properties. Enjoy this magical blend of cardamom and saffron in your everyday cuppa chai.

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Chai Ellie tells a story every Sunday bringing you facts and benefits o
chais and spices.  Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on the Chai Ellie stories.

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New in Stores

New Stores

For those that cannot make it to a market or store, I have an online store and you can use the promo code 10gift18 to get 10% off 3 orders. It’s all free shipping over $75.00 in Canada & USA. My cookbook is also available online or on Amazon.

Here are some new stores carrying my products: (so close to me that I can walk to deliver!)
The Folly Artisan Food Shop (My good friend, Becks of Take A Fancy Chocolate is opening her very own store in Roberts Creek!). Congratulations Rebecca!
I will be there sampling teas along with other Farmers Markets Vendor friends  for her grand opening on April 28, please join her.

Whole Foods Market, North Vancouver
Stongs Market on Dunbar
Famous Foods
Super Value on Commercial Drive (carry my teas & spices)

List of Stores

Cocoa Butter Pistachio Treats

Cocoa Butter Pistachio Treats

Being diabetic, I’m constantly making low carb/ low sugar treats. These 2 sweeteners that I use (Pure Monk & Yacon root) are zero or 1 on the GI
Buy the yacon root here if you like. Limited stock.

Make sure the sweetener you use does not have added ingredients / fillers that can raise your sugars or harm your body.

Substitute the nuts and berries I suggest for any of your favourite. I use the low carb nuts usually.
If you don’t have moulds, pour into a tray & cut when it sets.

Full recipe here.

Find this and many such yummy recipes in my cookbook, Trudy Ann's Masala Kitchen. It has recipes for meat-eaters, pescetarians, and vegetarians alike, with chutneys and desserts to round out the meal. 

Find Recipe

Buy My Cookbook

Ming Pao News
Ming Pao News

I was featured in Canada’s Mandarin language newspaper, Ming Pao.

At the farmers’ market, people often ask Trudy Ann if she sells Chai Tea. She patiently explains: “To be accurate, it’s called masala chai.” In Hindi, ‘masala’ stands for a mixture of spices; ‘chai’ means tea.

In India, there are more than 20 official languages, but in almost every one of these languages ‘chai’ is the word for tea. Tea is India’s “country beverage”. In the Indian Bollywood movies, we see many scenes with people holding a cup of tea, no matter the time of day, the place, the weather, and no matter who it is that is having the tea!

Trudy Ann’s hometown is in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. She lived in California, where she was a teacher for 17 years. Her friends asked her to open a chai cafe, which she did pursue with two very young sons at that time.

Full article here

Thank you 
Michael Cai for translating this for me.


Ming Pao News

You Tube
Photo credit: Toby GormanTrudy Ann Tellis

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