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Hello friends, 

I left for India right after my last Holiday event in Vancouver. I was able to attend a family wedding this time. I am always in awe of being in crowds of colors. I try to wear colorful clothing and my traditional outfits in North America. It is so up-lifting. I see that the standard dress code is often black in winter out in the West. Try adding a dash of color, it really can add some warmth. I have to remind myself all the time when I return here to do this. 

This link shows you some of my India images. 

All the ladies had their hands decorated with Henna designs the night before the wedding. We also got to choose bangles to adorn our hands. The family had to wear a specific shade of green. All the women were adorned in stunning saris. That garment represents so much elegance and grace. When people tell me they like my ‘costume’ here in Canada, I politely tell them that this is not a costume.

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Vancouver Tea Festival
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15th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC
March 21 - 22
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En route to the wedding, I met people along the way that just ripped my heart apart with their words of love. 
In this video, Seema feeds me her lunch when I asked her what she was eating. No one eats alone, we like sharing.
She said one word to me as she ‘fed' me- “ Parivar” which means family. She is not related to me and is the house help at my brother's home.  
But I became her “Parivar”. 

Seema also came to work to house clean, dressed up in her sparkling clean saris and jewellery. She inspired me to wear mine more often. There is so much elegance and grace in this lady. 
I went to visit my childhood nanny Bella, in her little village in South Goa. She had cooked me a delicious lunch. I asked her to please join me eating. Her reply, “I don’t need food, you have come to me, my stomach is full”.  
I met another man, a friend's driver (yes, some people have drivers there) who often shuttles me about. He wakes up early to spend hours in meditation and martial arts. He then works extremely long days. I asked him how he finds the time.  
His reply, “If you desire something, you will make the time” 
Simple messages from simple people. As I told my son, you don’t need to know English or be school educated to have wisdom. For love, it is a simple gesture. No words needed. Universal language. 
Share real stories, drink tea with your friends and connect with strangers. You can do this in North America and do not need to cross oceans. 
And strangers become ..... “Parivar” 

With my love to all of you, 
Trudy Ann

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