• Bombay Masala Chai
  • Bombay Masala Chai
  • Bombay Masala Chai
  • Bombay Masala Chai

Bombay Masala Chai

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The 40 Cup size is available online. 16 Cup size is out of stock (available at local Vancouver grocery stores).

The number one seller from Trudy Ann’s Chai blends. The perfect wake me up tea. This tea will leave you wanting more. If you like traditional Masala Chai from India, this is the chai for you. It has a kick to it with that extra punchy spice. Perfect with unrefined sugar & cream.

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Bombay Masala Chai is a traditional Masala tea from India and one of the best chai teas in Canada. It has a rich and fiery flavour and is made with pure organic Assam Black tea and unique blends of authentic Indian spices like cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cardamom, & cloves. This spiced Indian Masala Chai makes a perfect drink to refresh and revitalize you at any time of the day. Trudy Ann’s Indian Masala Chai leaves a classic, spicy and bold after-taste with ginger that you can taste at the back of your throat. Bombay Masala Chai has an exquisite aroma when brewed. For a better rich taste, add full-fat milk or cream to this Spiced Indian Chai. Made with all organic ingredients, Trudy Ann’s Bombay Masala Chai has a lot of health benefits. Click here to learn to make the perfect cup of Bombay Masala Chai.

If you enjoy my Bombay Masala Chai, you could also give my Digestive Fennel Chai a try!

Health Benefits of Bombay Masala Chai:
  • increases nutrient absorption
  • antioxidant
  • digestive support
  • high in polyphenols
  • lowers stress hormones
  • cardiovascular support
  • metabolic health support
  • increased attention
  • increased work performance and creativity
  • mental clarity and alertness
  • respiratory support

Please consult a doctor if you have allergies to certain ingredients.

Origin: Certified organic Assam Tea & certified organic spices from small farms around the world.  Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: Organic Assam tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic ginger, organic pepper

Preparation: Add 1 teaspoon of tea + 1/4 teaspoon of chai spices to 1 cup hot water, steep for 3-5 mins, strain, add cream &  sugar to taste.

Stove Top Preparation: Put 1 C. water and 1 – 2 tablespoons cream in a pot. (optional: add 2 thin slices of ginger). Bring to boil. Add 1 tsp tea and 1/4 tsp Chai spices and simmer for 3 – 5 mins. Strain and Enjoy! Optional: Add unrefined sugar to taste. I prefer to drink my teas black.

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19 reviews for Bombay Masala Chai

  1. stephanie-UK

    Why did I give the Bombay Masala Chai 5*

    Firstly the tea is made with passion and love, the 5 bag size it great for travel and presents the others for personal daily use! Secondly the taste is perfect, not too spicy just the right amount of spice and black tea!

    You should never think twice about buying Trudy Anns’s Chai

    Stephanie from london UK

  2. Anna- Australia

    I never used to drink ‘tea’ before I tried Trudy Ann’s Bombay Masala Chai, now I can’t go the day without having a cup. It has the perfect amount of spices and is great to drink on a cold winter’s day. I always buy the 40 cup as I go through it so quickly. You won’t taste another Chai like it! Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Brenda P

    You think Masala Chai, yum. Well you’re wrong. Trudy Ann’s Masala Chai is a sweet, holy nectar given by the Chai Gods themselves. It flows down your trachea, filling your insides with love, happiness and warmth. If puppies were drinkable, this would be it. If rainbows could be sipped on, this would be it. Trudy Ann’s Masala Chai is a blessing to humanity.

  4. Nancy

    I have been drinking Trudy Ann’s chai for a couple of years. I was looking for a good chai mix and her has met all my requirements. I have it every morning and recently when I was in the hospital for knee surgery my husband brought it in for me and it tasted extra special

  5. Barbara- Berkeley, CA

    I drink Trudy Ann’s Chai every afternoon; it is my ritual. It makes my day every time.I’ve not tasted any better!

  6. Tina- Berlin Germany

    This Chai is really amazing!! Once you tried Trudy Ann’s Bombay Masala Chai you will never try any other Chai. This is what happened to me. All ingredients are organic and this product is made with lots of passion – you can taste that.

    The best Chai I ever had.

    Tina from Berlin

  7. Anjali- Berkeley, CA

    I am a convert to chai! Even though I grew up in India I never developed a taste for it. I got Trudy Ann’s chai for my husband and daughter who love it but after I had my first cup of her chai I loved it too. its not too spicy – just the perfect blend of everything and so tastes equally good with milk or cream. The packaging is beautiful too!

  8. Suresh- India

    Your Masala chai is tasty and refreshing.As a Gujarati I thought only my family made the best Masala chai,but Trudy your Masala chai is as good as one made at my home.

  9. NITESH- India

    This Chai is really amazing!! I used to have regular masala tea, having just tried Trudy Ann’s Bombay Masala Chai, after that I don’t like to have any other tea. This is what happened to me. All ingredients are organic and this product is made with lots of passion – you can taste that..

  10. Rick

    Met Trudy Ann at Whole Foods Cambie, Vancouver after hearing about her delicious Chai for years.

    Her personality is as incredible as her Bombay Masala Chai!
    I really enjoy the Cardamom flavoring and accent. Really great tasting tea, thank you.

  11. Debbie

    Just bought your tea at the OOAK Show in Toronto and had some yesterday. It was very very good. The best chai tea I have had. Thank you. It was also nice meeting you and chatting with you on Wednesday.

  12. Gaye Ferguson

    I love Trudy Ann’s Assam masala chai. A very little of the spices goes a long way! I save my chai for weekend mornings as it marks a change in the weekly work grind. Such a great way to enjoy lazy Sunday mornings

  13. Sydney

    Best chai ever! Got it at Toronto Tea Festival and I love drinking it everyday.

  14. Keerthy

    What a delicious cup of chai! Reminds me of being back home with my grandparents! Such a great product, and such an enjoyable way to enjoy a Sunday with my husband!

  15. Kathie

    LOVE LOVE Trudy Ann’s masala chai tea. It tastes just like what my Indian friend used to make me 30 years ago. So heart-warming

  16. Ligaya

    I first tried this tea and met Trudy Ann at the One of a Kind show in Toronto. All of her teas are delicious but this one took me back to a year and a half I spent in India and was the perfect ratio of tea to spice. I love waking up with a cup of this with a little coconut sugar.

  17. Ligaya Esguerra

    So delicious, I look forward to a cup of this every morning

  18. Roswell

    Trudy Ann makes the BEST masala chai!! So delicious and refreshing.

  19. Joan Cawsey

    I really like this masala chai – great flavour!

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