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Dear Beautiful people,

Quite a few of your tell me to keep telling my stores. I have a lots and lots of stories but sometimes they sound a bit corny when I write them.

Here is one that I have been wanting to share. 

My husband says I have a sigh on my forehead that says ‘ Tell me your story’.

I was walking through Gas Town in Vancouver this May, all dressed up, meeting my husband for a dinner date. A young man starts walking alongside me, shirtless and looking perhaps like he needed help. He starts to tell me his story. His name is Tyler.

Tyler “ You look like a really nice lady, can I tell you something?”

Me “ Thank you. Sure. I do have to keep walking, so if you don’t mind walking my way, I can listen”

He proceeds to walk with me and even asks for directions as I get lost… and I am always lost!!

Tyler “ I have been trying to get off Fentanyl for years now and have not had any success. I don’t want to live on the streets, I don’t want my family to inherit the mess my stuff is in if I die. Someone now has paid for me to go to rehab tomorrow. I want it to work".

Me “ Tyler I  totally believe that this time it’s going to work. You are going to start a new life, I just know it”.

Tyler “ Thank you. You gave me hope”

He never asked me for any money.

Then I gave him a hug and wished him well. Sometimes I feel all people need is someone to believe in them, to know that just one person thinks they are great and if  listening or giving him that hug can make a difference then I am happy. 

I learnt that it is important to put my judgements and assumptions in my pocket. It was truly the highlight of my year so far.

xo Trudy Ann


Please click on my calendar for dates, maps and event timings.


Vancouver Folk Festival  link
Friday July 19 to Sunday July 21

Main St Farmers Market link
Wednesday July 24
2 - 6 pm

Trout Lake Farmers Market link
Sat July 27
9 am to 2 pm

Anvil Market link
Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Festival, New Westminster.
Sat July 27
4 pm - 10 pm

Kitsilano Farmers Market PL1
(At the end by the plaza) link
Sunday July 28 10 am -2 pm


Vancouer Folk Music Festival 
Vancouer Folk Music Festival

After 2 years, I am back at the Vancouver Folk festival.
I will be in the food section as the Chai beverage vendor.
Come early as there is usually a long line up.

I also have 2 free passes that I can give you in exchange for 4 hours of help at my booth per day that you are helping. Pretty simple easy help mainly serving Chai to go.
Email me if interested ASAP. 

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Dr Jason Fung/ Megan Ramos ( For diabetes, fasting protocol and obesity) 

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Asseem Malhotra, Heart specialist

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