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I was born and raised in Bombay, India. Now renamed Mumbai.

As a child I fondly remember my Grandma Monica insisting tea was served promptly at four – straight after siesta time. I loved tea-time. We would eagerly gather around the table and devour the delicious biscuits and traditional savoury snacks with our tea.

In 1988, my Aunty Pramila served me a perfect cup of masala chai. The masala (a mix of spices) is brewed with the chai (tea). From then on, I became an instant masala chai lover.

Today, my family and I carry on this tradition, with our friends popping by for a 4pm cup of tea. It is the favourite part of my day.

We only prepare organic food in our home. With the quest to find organic teas and spices rather than the inorganic, generic products at the markets  began Trudy Ann’s Chai.

Over the years  I have created a perfect blend of spices for a delicious cup of masala chai. I make it in small batches, with all organic ingredients, without additives or essential oils. The flavours come from the actual ingredients! All the tea packaging is beautifully  designed by my husband, John.

My Black tea comes from Assam, India. The Rooibos tea comes from South Africa. I get each batch of tea right after it is harvested, so the tea you drink is always fresh. The spices come from small organic farms around the world.

The cooking spices are from old family recipes and I dry roasted  them before grinding, enhancing their flavours.

I was a Special Education Inclusion Teacher for about 17 years in inner city Oakland, California. I regularly made my chai for the other teachers and families who loved it’s warmth.

When our family moved to Vancouver, Canada I would jokingly tell people that I would be opening a Chai Cafe when we moved here. One day our younger son’s saxophone teacher said he would pay me if I made my masala chai for him to make at home.  I did so and this website tells what happened next.

My sons, Trevor and Rowan are both wonderful jazz musicians and I am a very proud mum. You can listen to their music here .

It’s not ‘Chai Tea’ that I make, but Masala Chai (tea with spices).  Chai means Tea.

Trudy Ann

“Best chai outside of India… and probably better than many in India. Absolutely delectable. Just thinking about it makes me feel cozy. And such a good hearted creator, that alone makes the chai that much better.” — Megan Arkin, Chicago USA

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