Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Chai Tea?
I do not make ‘Chai Tea’. I make traditional Masala Chai from India. ‘Masala’ is a mixtures of spices. ‘Chai’  in Hindi means Tea.

What is Masala Chai?
‘Masala’ is a mixtures of spices. Chai means Tea. Brewed the old-fashioned way on the stove. You can also steep it in a cup with hot water and still get a wonderful cup of Masala Chai.

How do I make Chai the Traditional Way?
Please refer to our Preparation page or click on any tea and there is a Stove top method as well as a quick method for making your chai.

Are your products gluten- free?
Our products do not contain any gluten but some of the facilities they come from may not be gluten free.

What is Rooibos Tea & does it have Caffeine?
Our organic Rooibos Tea grown in South Africa. It means “Red-Bush”. It does not have any caffeine and is known to carry a range of antioxidants

Does Black Tea have Caffeine?
Our organic black tea is grown in Assam, Eastern India. Black tea does contain Caffeine. The longer you boil it the stronger the cup of tea you will get.

Are your Products Organic?
We are proud to say that ALL of our ingredients are purchased from certified organic suppliers. We do not make any products that are not organic.

Where do your fruit come from?
Our Apples & Peaches come from Klippers Organic, Cawston, BC.

Are there any additives in your products?
There are no additives, preservatives or essential oils in our products. The flavours come from the ingredients. For a list of ingredients, please select your tea of choice and view the ingredient list.

How long will products stay fresh?
Teas: Best to use products within one year from purchase. Best to store teas in the brown bags they come in and store in a cool, dark place. Keep well sealed.
Please remove the spice packet that you get with the masala chai and store those in a tin or jar.
Spices: Stores all spices in a tin or jar and and store in a cool, dark place and keep well sealed.
We buy our teas direct after the harvest so you are always getting a fresh product.

What makes your cooking spices Unique
Our cooking spices are all organic & dry- roasted on a cast iron skillet before grinding. They are also made in small batches, preserving their freshness.
All recipes have been passed down over generations from old family recipes.
Note: Specific masalas are also used for various dishes. Please do not confuse these by adding them to teas. It would make for perhaps a very spicy cup of chai!

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