Hello everyone from India!

Hello everyone from India!

Firstly, I know I am a tad late, but I want to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year. I hope it is a great one. I want to send wishes for love, peace, abundance, and harmony to each of you.

I am in Bombay (Mumbai), India to take care of some family matters. I will be here until the end of the month and I am being spoilt by all around me. This blurb is long so grab something to drink and enjoy!

I have been trying to think about the ‘best’ way to express all that I am experiencing in India and was worrying about the right words to present them to you. Then I thought about it and decided I will just speak from my heart as that works best for me.

I arrived in India very sick with the flu. That usually happens as my body finally has time to rest. My brand new phone also got disabled which I think in a way was a good thing. It forced me to pay attention to everything around me. Magically, the phone worked a few days later so I now have a camera that works. The flu has now passed too so I can write to you.

I am the happiest person and my true self when I am back home. I immediately relax and everything around me moves me deeply. For those of you that do not know me, I was born and raised here in Bombay. This is where I don’t have to think before I speak or try to blend in. Here people speak first and then later think about what they said! Sometimes that may be problematic!! Everyone has an opinion about everything. You do not need to ask for an opinion, it is given. Take it or leave it.

I have been spending a lot of time with Anjali, my mum’s old maid. She was talking a lot recently about life and death. She said to me, “ I am ready to go. I just pray that I am taken as I am now, smiling and healthy rather than suffer”. I told her that in the West people do not usually talk about dying and sometimes hide the fact that they are in fact very sick and dying. She looked alarmed… “But why?” she asked. I am not sure. Perhaps fear.

For me, it is refreshing to talk about anything and everything without the worry about how people will receive it or being judged for what you say.

I was at the doctor’s office and in a few minutes made friends with other patients in the waiting room. I am not unusual in the making friends department as I saw lots of strangers passing time talking to each other. Here, within 5 minutes we all know each others life stories. The man across from me said, “My home is very small but we love guests and it makes us happiest when the house is full.” Then his eyes filled with tears as he spoke. Mine too.

I was at a shop and the owner asked me if I wanted tea. I was in a rare non – tea mood so declined. He looked at me and said, “But it is made here, with my own hands!”. How could I refuse?

People say things to me like, “Please come eat with the poor and see how we feed you”. The rich give from their excess but the poor give you what they would have eaten that day and go without a meal. But to have you at their table is an honour.

Today, I went to pop by to visit a 91 year old Aunty in Bandra (Suburb of Bombay). Yes, I can still pop in unannounced to see people. I did it as a child and I still do it today. I was admiring her china collection. She reaches into her cabinet and pulls out an exquisite little china cup and says “Take it, I am not taking it up with me when I go”. I am going to treasure it and drink out of it I told her. “Even better,” she said.

I am so glad I still make the habit of visiting people. It is just so hard for me to do this in the West. I want to knock on the doors of my elderly neighbours and check on them. Perhaps it is time for me to do that in the West too.

I have stories to fill pages and perhaps I will do more of that this year. I plan to post pictures later on my Instagram and Pinterest pages. I will try to write another blurb from India but if not, have a lovely January.

Love and hugs,

Trudy Ann

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